About Us

Welcome to Designer Pet Portraits we're glad you’re here.

Designer Pet Portraits was born out of a lack of choice in the market for high quality hand designed pet portraits. We were unsatisfied with the artistic quality of designs and the translation of that design into a print that you can be proud of displaying in your home.

Our philosophy is characterised by a focus on high-end modern, contemporary finishes from our state-of-the-art printing technique to our framing and fitting methodology. You can be confident we’ve checked every detail.

And unlike larger, less efficient companies we use eco-friendly material when printing and packaging our pet portraits as much as possible, so you can feel good about purchasing from us.

One of our key points of difference is our digital copy add-on. This allows you to recommend any edits directly to the designer before your portrait is printed. We believe this is a game changer in the pet portrait market and allows you to have your say in the design process.

If you’re looking for the best for your beloved pet you’re in the right place. Choose your pet portrait today. 

To ensure fastest delivery to our customers around the world, Designer Pet Portraits has dedicated websites in Germany, UK, Canada, USA and Australia.

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